Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q. I am purchasing a new property and have a tenant lined up to take the let. How quickly can I have the property fitted out?

    A. We can fit flooring within two weeks from receipt of a confirmed order and window dressings within three weeks.

  2. Q. Do I need to be in the Buy to let market to order flooring or curtains from you?

    A. No. We supply and fit for all sorts of clients, from individuals to corporate clients who have their own range of fabrics and colours. We deal with industrial, commercial and domestic properties.

  3. Q. I have bought a property in Edinburgh and I live in London. Do you offer a design service as well? I have difficulty travelling up and down.

    A. Yes. We specialise in designing, supplying and fitting all window dressings and floor coverings. You don’t actually have to be at the property to choose your designs, or brief us on the look you want to achieve.

  4. Q. I have a new property and the builder will let you in to measure rooms before the work is finished. Is this advisable?

    A. Yes, but there are some points we would want to clarify. Have the curtain battens still to be fixed above windows? Are there areas on wall or floors that have still to be tiled? Is there enough clearance below the doors for the type of flooring you want?

  5. Q. I reckon I could save some cash if I shopped around for carpets or curtains, so why should I come to you?

    A. By all means try, but in our experience you will be hard pushed to get better value for the quality we offer. And remember we provide a complete service. Doing your own thing means sourcing reliable tradesmen to fit and measure, and coordinating deliveries, access and security. We do the lot, which is why most people in the property letting market prefer our one-stop-shop approach.

  6. Q. I have plans of my property can you give estimates from these?

    A. Yes. Plans are ideal for giving indicative costs.

  7. Q. We have an older property that has been damaged. Can you remove the old curtains and carpets?

    A. Yes but there is a nominal charge for this service.

  8. Q. Why do we need to have the property measured when we already have drawings of it?

    A. There are often small differences in sizes within each room which can affect the fit of curtains and flooring. We also assess the suitability of particular choices of products at the measuring stage and advise you of potential problems. Eg; blinds in a recess might restrict the opening of the windows, or doors might have to be cut to allow clearance for flooring.

  9. Q. I would prefer to use some different fabrics from the ones you have advised. Is it still possible to fit out the house in the times we discussed?

    A. Yes, as long as we have the fabric in stock we can still meet deadlines/targets. However some fabrics take longer than others to source.

  10. Q. I have an apartment in Manchester which is mainly rented by students. What would you advise for this accommodation?

    A. We have a range of products to suit all situations. This apartment would likely be subject to harder wear and tear than the average and we would consider this when advising choices for you.

  11. Q. The developer assures me that my flat will be ready in six weeks. Can I have it ready to let as soon as it completes?

    A. We can programme to have your property fitted as soon as your sale is legally completed and we can have access to your keys.


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