Curtains and Blinds

Our expertise in dressing windows extends from strictly practical choices like whether to fit curtains or blinds to purely aesthetic issues like achieving the right look, feel and fabric to off-set each individual property.

On the practical front the design of the windows, and the location and type of property are the key factors in choosing between contemporary and traditional options.

Blinds are increasingly popular in modern flats. Privacy can be an issue, especially with floor to ceiling windows where vertical blinds could be the perfect solution. More conventional windows might be better served by our luxury range of fitted, uniquely designed roller blinds, Venetian or roman blinds. In kitchens and bathrooms a simple roller blind is often the perfect choice.

Curtains on the other hand can be equally contemporary and lend that touch of warmth and elegance that makes properties more marketable.

The practical choices start with deciding on the type of curtains, and the right fittings to showcase their design to maximum effect.

Curtains can be fitted on conventional track but classic wooden or metal curtain poles with elegant finials are often a much more fashionable choice, for pencil pleats, eyelets or tab-top curtains.

Regardless of the style of curtain, the choice of fabric is absolutely crucial and this is one of the key areas where our design flair and innate good taste can prove invaluable.

In every case we are committed to enhancing the market potential of our clients' properties through our creative solutions featuring the most stylish and contemporary designs.


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